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The Ultimate Killabears Primer

If you’ve been subscribed to my newsletter for a while, you’ve probably caught wind of some my other primers, which often end …

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How to Build an Engaging Discord Community

Building an engaging and active Discord community is a daunting task. Discord is an amazing platform for connecting with people and building …

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Is a DAO NFT the Future of Digital Assets?

What are DAO NFTs? DAO NFTs, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization Non-Fungible Tokens, are the newest way to own digital assets. They are …

elder gods

Introducing InfiniGods: Exploring the Latest NFT Project

InfiniGods is one of the most innovative projects in the blockchain space. What are the InfiniGods? And what sets this project apart …

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The 6 Best Crowdfunding Platforms for 2023

If you’re looking for a little extra funding to get your startup off the ground, you’re in luck. With the advent of …


Lil Nouns DAO: What is it?

Lil Nouns Is… Crowdfunded Collaborative Creative So, you’ve never heard of Lil Nouns? We know this. To be honest, even this one …

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How to Be Sticky

Yesterday in Proof of Update, we discussed what it meant to be a “sticky” community. If you happened to miss that edition, …


Power of Relationships

Before I kick off today, I just wanted to mention that the team over at @blokpax was nice enough to offer a premint opportunity …


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