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Introducing InfiniGods: Exploring the Latest NFT Project

InfiniGods is one of the most innovative projects in the blockchain space. What are the InfiniGods? And what sets this project apart from other NFT collectibles?

This blog will explore everything you should know about the InfiniGods. We’ll also get to know the company behind the project, how they fit into the world of NFT games, and what you can expect from their upcoming NFT releases.

So read on if you’re interested in learning more!

Introducing the InfiniGods

InfiniGods is an ambitious NFT project that seeks to bridge the worlds of gaming and collectibles. Their goal is to create a vibrant world of digital gods that are playable in video games, as well as being sought-after collectibles. With the launch of their first NFTs, the Ultimate InfiniPass and Community InfiniPass, they have made a big step forward in bringing this vision to life.

InfiniGods is committed to creating engaging experiences for its fans, and they offer a variety of ways to interact with their project. They have built an active community on Discord and Twitter, where people can discuss the InfiniGods universe and follow the project’s progress. Additionally, they regularly host events and giveaways for fans to participate in.

The recent release of Elder Gods marks a major milestone for InfiniGods. This set of rare NFTs brings an even greater depth to the world of InfiniGods and offers exciting new ways to play the game with them. You can find out more about InfiniGods on their website and follow their progress on social media. Their Twitter account is pretty great!

Who Are the InfiniGods?

InfiniGods is the brainchild of Damon Gura and Owen O’Donoghue, two social and mobile gaming veterans who set out to make blockchain games that are fun and accessible to everyone. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, InfiniGods is creating a suite of free-to-play Web3 games centered around ancient mythologies and civilizations.

The team has already raised a seed round of $9M and launched their InfiniPass NFTs: the Ultimate InfiniPass and Community InfiniPass. Their latest launch, the Elder Gods, offers a focus on ancient gods and civilizations, specifically for in-game experiences, upgrades, power-ups, and much more. They’ve released InfiniMerge already and have had several successful tournaments, awarding tens of thousands of dollars in prizes.

The ultimate goal of this project is to create a decentralized universe of interconnecting NFTs, a multi-dimensional metaverse powered by blockchain technology. Plus, they have several more games coming out in 2023!

NFT Gaming

NFT games have been around for a while now, but the concept of play to earn gaming is still evolving. With InfiniGods, gamers can earn NFTs just by playing their favorite games. These NFTs will be tradeable and usable in the game, unlocking new content, levels, and rewards. Players can also participate in in-game tournaments and competitions with their NFTs; the highest performers can even win real-world prizes.

InfiniGods is set to become one of the most popular NFT gaming platforms out there, and with the Elder Gods now available, they’re sure to take things to a whole new level. Get ready to experience NFT gaming like never before!

The InfiniPasses (Ultimate InfiniPass and Community Infinipass)

If you’re looking to get in on the ground floor of the world of NFT gaming and NFT games, you’ll want to check out InfiniGods’ first NFT: the InfiniPass.

The InfiniPass is designed to allow users to access the game and virtual world. The Community Pass and Ultimate Pass are the two types of passes provided by the InfiniGods. The Ultimate InfiniPass is a single-use NFT that allows users access to all levels of the game, while the Community InfiniPass enables multiple players to join together in the same game. Both provide unique rewards and incentives.

What Is the Ultimate Pass?

The Ultimate InfiniPass is the ultimate way to explore and engage with the InfiniGods universe. This NFT is packed with unique rewards, such as:

  • airdropped NFTs for every InfiniGods release in perpetuity
  • (5) Elder Gods, special NFT drops
  • enhanced gameplay boosts and power-ups
  • exclusive InfiniGods merch
  • and VIP IRL experiences

There’s a hard limit of just 260 Ultimate InfiniPasses available, so demand for this NFT is already sky-high. In fact, of the 260 total supply, only 6 are listed for sale, which means those that own them are looking to hold for a longer period of time, likely due to the airdrops guaranteed to Ultimate holders and the in-game boosts. There has even been talk of an Ultimate InfiniPass holder dinner in Indianapolis next year, but that is unconfirmed at this time.

The Ultimate InfiniPass is perfect for those seeking to become a part of the Web3 gaming scene. Participants will get access to the ‘Roundtable,’ a private Discord channel of Web3 gaming enthusiasts, and private access to the game development team. This allows you to have an insider perspective of the development of the InfiniGods world and give your feedback on upcoming NFT gaming projects and NFT games.

What Is the Community Pass?

The Community InfiniPass is a subscription-based model that allows up to five people to share access to all of the same features. It’s an innovative new NFT gaming experience from InfiniGods. It’s a single NFT that gives gamers access to a wide variety of exclusive content, including limited-edition skins, in-game bonuses, and special rewards.

The best part is that it works across all of the NFT games available on InfiniGods. This makes it one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways for gamers to get the most out of their NFT gaming experience.

In addition to giving players access to unique game items and rewards, the Community InfiniPass also unlocks special challenges and events within the games. This gives gamers a chance to test their skills and show off their accomplishments to other players. Plus, as the NFT games on InfiniGods continue to expand, so will the rewards associated with the Community InfiniPass.

Ultimately, the Community InfiniPass is a great way for gamers to get the most out of their NFT gaming experience. By unlocking exclusive content, rewards, and challenges, gamers can easily make their gaming experience more enjoyable and interactive.

Meet the New InfiniGods: THE ELDER GODS

InfiniGods is ushering in a new era of gaming with the introduction of their Elder Gods NFTs. As part of their Free to Own movement, these special NFTs will be available exclusively to InfiniPass holders, with no public sale. The max total supply of 4,488 Elder Gods will only be available through a free claim process.

These powerful NFTs come with all sorts of abilities, such as epic power-ups and enhancements to gameplay that will increase scoring potential. The Elder Gods can also act as assets, allowing you to store value in them or trade them on secondary NFT marketplaces. They are built on the ERC-4907 standard, meaning that owners can rent out their assets to other game players. As the InfiniGods Universe grows, the Elder Gods will remain interoperable across all game titles, unlocking new abilities and increasing their value over time.

Be sure to visit and connect your wallet containing your InfiniPass to mint your Elder Gods. With NFT gaming and top NFT games taking the industry by storm, this is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on some of the most powerful NFTs in the space.

Why You Should Be Excited for the Elder Gods NFT Release

The release of the Elder Gods NFT by InfiniGods is something that many gamers and collectors have eagerly anticipated. An NFT game that uses cutting-edge blockchain technology to create a unique gaming experience is something that should be of interest to anyone who loves gaming and blockchain technology.

NFT gaming is a quickly emerging form of gaming that allows players to collect and trade digital assets that are securely stored on the blockchain. This allows for much more secure transactions than traditional online gaming platforms. It also allows for a great deal of creativity in terms of game design. By using NFTs, developers can create games with characters, items, and in-game currencies that have real-world value and can be exchanged in the same way as other cryptocurrencies.

All of this makes the upcoming Elder Gods release from InfiniGods an exciting prospect for those interested in both gaming and blockchain technology. Its innovative features and unique game mechanics make it an exciting addition to the growing world of NFT games.

How Can I Get Involved in the Exciting World of NFT Gaming?

If you’re looking to get involved in the exciting world of NFT gaming, InfiniGods is a great place to start. Now is the time to get in on the ground floor of a new and exciting blockchain-based gaming platform. By purchasing and owning an Elder God NFT, you’ll be able to access exclusive in-game content and participate in an ever-growing gaming community.

But even if you don’t have the funds to buy an Elder God NFT, you can still be part of the InfiniGods ecosystem. In addition to their Ultimate InfiniPass and Community InfiniPass NFTs, the InfiniGods platform also has a wide range of free-to-play NFT games that can be enjoyed by anyone who is interested in experiencing the thrill of blockchain gaming. With NFT games like GodsQuest, PetFarmers, and BattleRoyale, there’s something for everyone on the InfiniGods platform.

No matter how you decide to get involved with InfiniGods, you’re sure to find plenty of opportunities to have fun while exploring the world of NFT gaming. Whether you’re an experienced gamer or just getting started with blockchain gaming, InfiniGods offers something for everyone.


It’s been exciting to watch InfiniGods develop over the last few months, and they are sure to have a bright future in the world of NFT gaming. With the release of their Elder Gods this month, they are making their mark on the NFT games space with innovative, custom-made digital collectibles.

These Elder Gods will surely be worth keeping an eye on, as they offer the ability to interact with their virtual worlds and partake in their own memorable gaming experiences. With the impressive combination of visual aesthetics, rare properties, and interactive gaming features, these Elder Gods are sure to be a popular addition to the NFT market and develop their own “sticky” community.

So make sure you stay tuned to the InfiniGods team for the latest news and updates on the Elder Gods and more! In the coming months, keep your eyes peeled for more posts where we dive into what makes NFT gaming so revolutionary.

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