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Lil Nouns DAO: What is it?

Lil Nouns Is… Crowdfunded Collaborative Creative

So, you’ve never heard of Lil Nouns? We know this. To be honest, even this one blog post likely won’t be enough to dive into every aspect, but the goal here is to give some broad strokes on one of the coolest funding opportunities for creatives on the web. 

These days, people are always looking for money. Wait. That’s too rich… lol. Truly, though, from working day jobs to side hustles, people typically seek funds to purchase things, live their lives, etc. That isn’t new or anything, but nowadays there are more ways than ever to grow ANYTHING, from businesses to personal profiles to hobbies, and so much more.

With that confusing intro, let’s dive right in…

Lil Nouns fund ideas.

Sounds cool, right? Lil Nouns operate on the nounish vibe. Not sure what nounish means? Check this out:

Well, it is, but it is unfortunately complicated. Lil Nouns is a DAO, aka decentralized autonomous organization – a fancy way of saying a company/business with no defined leadership structure that operates a treasury via a voting mechanism. Every token in a given DAO typically has a vote, which means holders of said tokens have governance over the smart contract. In the case of all things Nouns, these smart contracts not only issue regular NFT auctions, but the contract holds the Ethereum in a wallet, issuing funds only upon quorum being reached by votes on-chain. It is permissionless, trustless, and beautiful in its code. In all honesty, as long as the internet is available, it is immutable. The individual that started this journey believes in the fundamentals of decentralization, allowing the collective community power over crowd-sourced funds

Lil Nouns NFT is a fork of Nouns, one of the most successful web3/NFT efforts in existence. Their treasury is currently (as of November 11, 2022) almost 29,000 Ethereum, or nearly $36.67 million in US dollars. That’s a lot of millions.

Nouns launched during 2021 and you may have seen the Noggles glasses, the meme of web3, during the Bud Light big game commercial in February. They fund major activations, have handed out millions and millions of dollars with a singular goal… to proliferate the meme and awareness of Nouns.

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Entry Points to the DAO

Full disclosure, Nouns (aka “big Nouns” in the Lil Nouns community) are pricey. Even now, as crypto and NFTs are wayyyy down, they still run nearly $50,000 in US dollars. Lil Nouns, however, are much more approachable, with an entry cost of 0.15 ETH, roughly $200ish dollars, depending on the price of ETH these days.

While that is NOT free, it is equivalent to 1 vote. So, if you’re the type of person that likes RAW POWER and wants to vote on things, holding Lil Nouns in your wallet is the way. If you’re the type of person that merely wants to provide great ideas and potentially get funded to execute those ideas, you literally don’t need anything beyond a digital wallet and Discord account. Discord is free. Having a digital wallet is free.

Access to a large treasury of funds is available to anyone willing to put in the work.

This sounds crazy, I know, but it is true.

At the time of this writing, I’ve only been in for 6 weeks and have already had an episode of my podcast funded by a smaller round. I even got the most votes! Shout out to Prop.House ( for being a VERY easy way to put ideas up for voting. The craziest thing about MANY of these opportunities is that it is all about the idea and the execution, with a little lobbying sprinkled in. If you are a passionate person, this is absolutely for you.

But also… as you can see, there are LOTS of things to learn about Lil Nouns. We are going to try and help with this very blog post, some podcast episodes, maybe even some videos (why not?), but ultimately… If you’re looking to benefit from your time spent learning about NFTs, web3, or just simply aim to get funding for quality ideas, you are going to need to allot some time to learn. Are you reading, watching, and listening to content that will help you achieve your goals?

If not, get started today!

Great ideas get funded. For example, Lil Sisters was a group within the group, a proposal to help fund the ideas of female and non-binary builders, artists, and creators within Lil Nouns. Read more about The Lil Sisters on this epic blog by Blowned.eth!

Simply put, Lil Sisters are an extension of Lil Nouns DAO and for more, you’ll need to visit that epic blog post linked above!


We’ll be adding to this post constantly! WOOOOO!

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