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Community Building

What Does It Mean to "Build a Community" in Web3?

While the word “community” has a myriad of meanings, in NFTland it may be the most valuable currency (which is saying a lot considering all of the tokens flying around here. Some NFT projects have become successful companies, others have struggled to stay relevant and maintain traction. A focused contingent of builders are doing so, across the entire space, while a larger amount of voices are less centered, sometimes negative (sometimes often), and it is understandable. The heat of 2021 is gone. So, if everyone isn’t getting rich together, how does one build a community that vibez? 

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Based on thousands of hours spent on Twitter, Discord, Substack, Medium, Clubhouse, and more… we are uniquely qualified to break down the most important aspects of community building. Of course, it isn’t as simple as getting your checklist together, knocking off items, and winning. Truly, it is about time and effort more than anything. Quality execution is a strong benefit, but you might be surprised with how much things can grow off clear communication and consistency. 

There are so many ways to win in this new and innovative space, but the biggest asset is a willingness to learn, adapt, and pivot when necessary. Here is our quick list of the most important aspect of community building in NFTs and Web3. 


Is there a schedule to anything/everything you do and say to the crew?


We can’t stress enough how important it is to provide what’s going on.


Organization is key to all business models, so nothing different here.


Is it inviting? Does it educate? Are you helping your people?


Whether you like or hate the platforms, you need free eyeballs. Do it. 


If you haven’t heard, content is king, queen, and all things royal.

Value Creation

Soooo many ways to offer value to individuals… can’t wait for the blogs!


Keeping things positive, constructive, and flowing is key.

The Metaverse Ain't Here Yet... You Know This

There’s no need to make fun of Mark Zuckerberg… yet. Tech media may be brutal, but when Facebook morphed into Meta, they did so roughly 10 years early (estimate, lol). They’re not playing the game for all of us to live a digital life right now. Hell, they aren’t playing the game for all of us to live that digital life ever. It is NOT an all or nothing.

We already live in a version of the metaverse, folks! It’s true! Check your pocket, purse, or counter. Is there a smartphone there that allows immediate access to the collective information of literally everything? Did you have that access even just 15ish years ago? Nope. “Ya best start believin’ in the metaverse, Miss Turner… your’e in one!” (please imagine that quote read by Geoffrey Rush aka Captain Barbosa.)

Now Is The Time To Collaborate, Build, and Have Fun

Yeahhhh, people thought they were having fun during the bull market of 2020 and 2021, but that was money-driven euphoria, not the actual joy and awesomeness of working with motivated individuals toward a common goal.

Some NFT projects have become companies, while others have become a shell of what they were during the money-grab period of this technology cycle.

This is nothing new, however. Each time technology leaps forward, there is an opportunity… a massive one, honestly. This opportunity, friends, is far from over. If you didn’t “win” while others were, NOW is the time to double down, spend more time learning, and be present for what’s coming next!

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