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Welcome to Lil Nouns!

Wait what the heck is this?

Lil Nouns is a cool place, but a VERY confusing one. Because of this, many Lil Nouners were looking for a better way to connect with new folks, give them some easy-to-access resources, and find the best way for folks to vibe as quickly as possible. Below, you’ll see the Welcome Committee members, who are literally poised and ready to speak with you in Discord, Twitter DMs, or even in Discord Voice Chat, so jump into the Lil Nouns Discord and ask any and all questions!

The epic graphic above and SO many other cool things is brought to you by motiondesign.eth — see more below! Woooo! In an effort to make some of this more digestible for those willing to watch a quick video, here are some initial thoughts:


lilskrtskrt - Builder (lilskrtskrt#5446)

Lilskrtskrt has spent the last 7 years living in Alaska as a reintegrated citizen. After releasing he decided to formalize his technical abilities, doing so to be more competitive in the workplace. Ultimately Lilskrtskrt was not able to transition into professional roles due to a lack of credibility. Instead he has hopped from one small business and organization to the next, working as a: busser, dishwasher, delivery driver, food production assistant, server, cold caller, accounting technician, and data entry specialist. His social impact business Get-By is the answer to this inefficient and ineffective pattern of employment that lies at the intersection of two of his passions, technology and social justice.

Lilskrtskrt recently passed his first onchain prop with Lil Nouns DAO, Prop#85: Get-By X Lil Nouns: Second Chances are Nounish! and is excited to work more closely with new builders and lil nouners who want to learn more about what to do with their ideas in this community.

Liz - Chaos Coordinator(Liz|GlitterMonster#7202)

Liz was attracted to Web3, and specifically NFTs, because it married her passions for  collecting art/supporting artists, technology, and philanthropy.  She proudly holds the title of The Fairy Godmother for HoneyBadgesNFT, where she helps spread the word about how blockchain tech and DAO structures can be used for good.

Liz has spent the last 15 years as an artist, maker, and unofficial sounding board for people across many industries. Her background is in fine jewelry design, CAD, and organizing.
She is ready to help lead the charge in getting everything Lils organized and accessible, so people feel energized and supported  as they join the nounish lifestyle.

Craig - Marketer (Classic_Craig#9584)

Where to start? Well, this very website is a collaboration that came out of web3/NFT friendship with Ed (aka bitfloorsghost). They co-host a cool podcast, inspired by Oddities, called Odds and Ends. It has been an amazing door opener in the space and beyond.

Craig is passionate about his family, friends, and small business development. It sounds silly, but he just likes jammin’ with folks on the opportunities before them, and loves executing marketing efforts to see the results.

He jumped into Lil Nouns in early October of 2022 and started getting to know everyone, learning everyday. Quickly, he realized that it was VERY dense and required a little bit of a welcoming committee, so here we are! 

WHO'S WHO in Lil Nouns

Mike G

Project Manager, Team Builder

Mike loves to ideate and help builders get their own ideas off the ground and can’t wait to help new DAO members and builders understand the Lil Nouns ecosystem.

Lil Al

Resident, Lil Nouns

Al is THAT dude, the steward of the Lil Nouns DAO, voted on-chain by the collective membership. He guides the flow of all things and is a fantastic preson to get to know.


Pro Degen (fin trader/semi-retired)

SQ is always ready (time willing) to lend a hand and offer constructive criticism. Most importantly, he is the Prop House plug, so if you need to know what’s up there… it’s SQ!

Lil Saturn

Reporter Extraordinaire, writing Lil Nouns News and the weekly newsletter of excellence that you should subscribe to in order to stay up to date on the nouniverse!

Lil Panda

Lil Block Party Vibin’ is the way Panda rolls, bringing opportunity to any Lil Nouners through streaming conversations and the opportunity to choose the traits of a Lil!


Lil Representatives, Lil Funding. Event Manager, and all-around supportive individual, connect with Baba if you want to dive deeper into all things Lil Nouns.

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