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Welcome to VesselVerse!

What is VesselVerse?

There’s so many different NFT projects and so much going on in web3 that my goal with this web page and video series is to help let everyone know what’s going on! I was actually funded to create this very content! Oh yes, a Prop.House proposal got me 1 ETH (about $1,500 at the time) to work on these videos, write this text, and support the brand, VesselVerse. Now, you might be like, “whoa, why did he even say funded? What’s going on?”

Obviously, I want you to watch the videos below, but I’ll tell you the TLDR version is this: VesselVerse is a website where you can learn a little bit about this unique place to hang out online, centered around a love of art, basketball, and life.

In the video below, I go into much more detail, but know this: VesselVerse is the brainchild of Victor Solomon, a very successful artist and entrepreneur that has relationships with the NBA, BMW, Kith, Hennessy, and more. Victor was inspired by what was going on in Nouns, and built his own “fork” of that project.

Each Vessel is an NFT that doubles both as epic art and a governance token, meaning a single vote in the operations of the treasury. That’s right, all of the money generated by the auctions goes directly into a treasury. That’s how I got monies to make this content!

But it isn’t just about monies for voting, other things can be accomplished too, like the overall direction of the project, who works on things, and more. Right now, this is a small, growing community. So at the very base, vessel verse is a growing community. With you involved, who knows where it can go!

The Community of VesselVerse

If you haven’t yet used Discord, it’s like a chat room, forum, and Twitter combined. It can be frustrating, but on the whole, an amazing networking opportunity, which is why VesselVerse is such an exciting opportunity, in my opinion.

In the VesselVerse Discord, the community can interact with one another in one of three main channels. We’ve got the upper deck, which is a general channel for literally anyone and everyone you’re gonna see a lot of basketball gifs you’re gonna see talk about different things I talked about Luca was sharing clips of things keep talking about art occasionally as well big drops, things like that.

The mezzanine though this is a little a little bit more private, you have to hold at least one vessel to get into this channel. So, where upper deck can be for anybody, the mezzanine is for holders specifically and you get a little communication action with the other people that are in the community. Watch the video below to see the actual channels and the overall vibes, including epic GIFs. For me, I’m a big sports fan, so I post my Luka love in here and create unique conversations with my friends from there. It truly is a great place to get things started for any basketball fan out there looking to learn more about NFTs. Some of the people in the community have been around for years!

The highest level of access currently is known as courtside, and it takes things to the next level.  Once you hold at least 12 vessels or more, you get access to this channel, where you can network with other holders, see more of the sneak peaks that Victor drops, and overall connect in a more quiet atmosphere. There’s still fun stuff, great convo, friends getting to know one another, but the courtside access, much like a real game, just brings that extra value.

Watch this quick video to learn more about the VesselVerse community!

Why VesselVerse?

The big question. There’s so many different NFT projects, tons of discords, and so many things to think about when you’re contemplating spending your hard-earned money on any NFT, let alone one that has smaller volume or is lesser known. Because of that, I want to break down everything into the simplest terms regarding the tmain value. Networking.

I’m a small business owner. So, relationships matter. It’s all about the people. VesselVerse is a fantastic place to meet a mixture of web3/NFT enthusiasts, sports fans, and individuals focused on building something. I like to think of the actual Vessel NFTs as membership passes that can be stacked for more access. Having none gets you into the Discord to learn. Having just one allows another level of access, and having 12 puts you in a room with some amazing humans.

Personally, I’ve made business relationships and personal relationships from my time in web3 and NFTland. I’ll always look back fondly on it, regardless of the price of these tokens or the overall sentiment outside of these comfy Discord chats. The truth is, real things are happening in real life. Victor, for example, was funded to rebrand and revitalize a public basketball court and the media coverage around it will be amazing for helping people understand what is possible with NFTs. Most just think it is about making money or they’ve heard about it from poor sources and think nothing but scams exist. 

I’m here to tell you that simply isn’t true. While there are negative things that happen, such as the FTX collapse, there are also amazing aspects of this crazy digital space where food is being provided to the hungry, kids are getting education paid for, and people are coming together globally around some amazing ideas. 

If you want to talk further about it, hit me up on Twitter. There’s so much to learn and I hope this page and these videos helped in some small way. 

To sum it up in one word again… Networking. 

What could you do if you were in “the room where it happens?”

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