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So what the heck is FriendswithJPGs?

In a nutshell, FriendswithJPGs is a community-building initiative led by Ed and Craig, two friends that own JPGs, who both believe that bringing more people into this space in a friendly, inviting, and engaging way is key. With thousands of web3/NFT hours under their belts, they’ve been through market ups, downs, and all arounds. They’ve got the baked-in experience to help share what’s going on and how we can all work together to make things as great as possible!

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It may have been Alexis Ohanian who said it best in early 2021… MVC… Minimum Viable Community. What does it mean? In the web3/NFT space, “community” is both a buzz word and a necessary entity for long-term success. EightBit, a successful project, said it best as “building with the garage door open.” This new concept in the tech sector has some of the best and brightest builders of online technology working to innovate with thousands of onlookers. This new approach to building companies is refreshing, entertaining, and risky.

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You're awesome!! Keep it up, love the idea.
Lil Nouns
Great interview! Love the perspective!
I feel very lucky that we've got such a kind community here

The Friends... with JPGs

Ed and Craig. Craig and Ed. They love JPGs and one another. 


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